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Wear Feline Eye Contacts to Transform in A Big Cat

Wear Feline Eye Contacts to Transform in A Big Cat

17. 08. 2021, 15:18

Wear Feline Eye Contacts to Transform in A Big Cat

The recent uploading of a tutorial called “Mystery Celebrity Transformation” online by Promise Phan, a popular YouTube beauty-video blogger, has gone viral and the search for “make-up tutorial” on the social media site retrieved more than 20 million results instantly. With her new appearance, she looks alike Daryl Dixon, the crossbow-toting redneck from “The Walking Dead.” Phan transformed her look from an Asian woman to a big cat by wearing a special type of contacts—blue cat eye contacts. To wear a big cat look, she used a wig, shades of brown powder, black eye shadow, parallel lines down the nose, and a scant mustache.

You can’t wear them everyday. You can see them worn by wild characters in television shows, movies, etc. They are a part of almost every theatrical production use. But you can wear them even if you have a perfect vision. Yes, we are talking about one of the most stylish and spooky contact lenses—cat eye contact lenses. Costume parties and Halloween are the most popular reasons for you to buy a pair of cat eye contact lenses. Once you wear these lenses, blue cat eye contacts that will make your eyes resemble cats.

Let’s have a look at the occasions on which these lenses can be worn. First, there are the best for the artists who take part in plays and performances. They need these lenses in order to add more variety and reality to the character. That is why actors and actresses have to wear cat eye colored contacts. Another occasion when you need these feline eye contacts is Halloween parties. The final reason why people wear cat-eye contacts is to just be different.

Wearing such lenses can be harmful to your eyes. So, purchase the lenses only from leading and reputed online stores that offer you quality product at a price tag.


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