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Are colored lenses safe?

18. 02. 2023, 21:01
Do you want to buy colored contact lenses and are worried about the safety of your eyes? This is a logical concern, stemming from the fact that we only have one eye and it is perhaps the most important ...

Blue contact lenses

07. 02. 2023, 20:06
One of the most popular colours for lenses is blue. But there is no blue like blue - there are differences here too, which are good to know. Let's start with Crazy lenses - here the situation is simple, ...

Are you afraid to wear contact lenses? Tips to get you started.

03. 02. 2023, 20:18
Thinking about contact lenses and don't know what wearing them entails? Then we have some tips and advice to get you started. Probably the most important information is that you don't have to ...

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