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Blue contact lenses

Blue contact lenses

07. 02. 2023, 20:06

One of the most popular colours for lenses is blue. But there is no blue like blue - there are differences here too, which are good to know.

Let's start with Crazy lenses - here the situation is simple, crazy lenses cover the eye colour and everyone achieves the result they see in the picture - here for example Blue Manson lenses

Everyone will notice your blue eyes, the effect is very pronounced. This can also be a disadvantage, depending on the purpose for which you buy the lenses. With crazy lenses, the motifs are, with few exceptions, very distinctive, and if you want to achieve naturally blue eyes, you must choose lenses from the Colored Lenses category.

The basic characteristic of coloured lenses is that they are tinted. This means that they do not fully cover the colour of your eyes and the final effect will be a mix of the colour of the lenses and the colour of your eyes. So the result will be different for everyone, the aim is to achieve the most natural look possible. For lighter eyes, the result will usually be more pronounced.

The lenses contain one or more colours. Single-colour blue lenses are e.g. Itself Blue.

Some lenses contain a darker edge, the inner part can be added with another colour or another shade of blue - there are many possibilities. For most coloured lenses, we have real photos of the lenses fitted on both light and dark eyes with the product.


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