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Horien Best Balance - Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution (2,67 fl. oz.-80ml) + Lens Case

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The Horien MultiPurpose Contact Lens Solution will keep your lenses clean and safe to wear. It is very important to care for your lenses properly, as wearing dirty lenses can lead to eye irritation. The product also includes a lens case.


Features of the Solution:

No Rub To enjoy a clean lens again, all you have to do is to rinse and soak them in the Solution.

Strong Disinfection Approved by SFDA, our Horien Multi-Purpose Solution can effectively eliminate ≥99.9% of germs and microorganisms.

Protein Remover Protein deposits that have built up on the surface of lenses are effectively removed by the Solution, making your old contacts look like new.

Perfect Comfort The Solution’s special formulation keeps the lenses moisturized and lubricated all day long.

Perfect Refreshment The Solution’s natural mint ingredients will make your eyes feel totally refreshed.

No Irritation The pH of the Solution is 7.4, which is close to the pH of human tears and thus prevents the irritation of all sensitive eyes.




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