Rewetting Drops

Rewetting Drops

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Horien Aqua Comfort Rewetting Drops (15 ml)
Long-Lasting Moisture and Lubrication - Improve the circulation of tears and therefore bring fresh oxygen to cornea. The proper molecule is ideal for all kind of contact lenses. It won’t block the oxygen permeability of lens.
Exceptional Comfort - Immediately relieve the discomfort symptoms as dryness, blurring, itchiness, fatigue of wearing contact lenses.
Preservative Free - Preservative-free in the eyes can avoid any eye allergy or irritation and lasts the life of contact lens.
No Irritation to Eyes - PH value close to tears and non-cytotoxic materials guarantee the most natural and gentle protection shield on eyes.
Increase Tear Film Stability - Effectively promote the tear circulation and increase tear film stability. Build a better gentle protection shield on eyes.
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