TonyMoly Vital Vita 12 Ampoule (30 ml)

TonyMoly Vital Vita 12 Ampoule (30 ml), version Poresol

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Vitamin H Poresol Ampoule: Be pore-fect with our Poresol Ampoule! Clean out those clogged pores with our pore minimizing ampoule. Not only does this breakdown built-up dirt and oil, but it also contains Vitamin H to keep your skin nourished. 

Vitamin B12 Brightening Ampoule: Keep your skin glowy and bright with our Brightening Ampoule! Even skin tone and banish dullness with Vitamin B12 and other key ingredients. 

Vitamin C Synergy Ampoule: Brighten and improve skin's elasticity with our Synergy Ampoule! Containing Vitamin C and Squalane, to reveal a more radiant and youthful complexion. 

Vitamin B5 Calming Ampoule: Soothe and hydrate irritated skin with our Calming Ampoule! Contains Vitamin B5, perfect for calming sensitive skin from breakouts or irritations for calm healthy skin.  

Vitamin B8 Moisture Ampoule: Deeply hydrate your skin with our Moisture Ampoule! Containing Vitamin B8 and Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex, this provides your skin with rich hydration. 

Vitamin A Firming Ampoule: Boost your youth with our Firming Ampoule! Containing Vitamin A and Peptide Components to strengthen and diminish fine lines. 

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