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Sclera lenses & Crazy lenses

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Crazy & Halloween Lenses

Coloured Lenses and more ...

Sclera contact lenses

Sclera contacts are designed for cover the whole eye. You can find in our shop a wide range of sclera contact lenses for great prices. Very popular are Black Sclera and Red Sclera contacts. You can use it for Halloween costume with great effect. But don´t forget check our range. In our offer is more lenses, not only the most popular black scleras. We work closely with producers of sclera contacts and provide you new models soon after they are produced and ready for sale. This full eye coloured sclera lenses are very popular in fashion and mainly movie industries too. In our shop you can buy a lot of different designs of Sclera contact lenses. All prices for Sclera Contacts and Crazy & Halloween Contact Lenses too are per pair in USD.

The centre of this lenses is transparent allowing the wearing to see throug the centre. Sclera contacts are designed to fit most eyes, however some people will find them uncomfortable, too small or too big.  

All Sclera Lenses and Crazy Lenses have CE and ISO certificate. Is recommended to worn for a maximum 3 hours at a time.

If you have never used contacts before, it take some time to get used to putting them and taking out. You can see below the text, how to use Sclera Lenses.

Crazy contacts and colored contact lenses (Halloween crazy lenses)

Very popular are crazy and colored contact lenses. Sometimes they are called "Halloween crazy lenses" because a lot of people use it on Halloween. They are cheaper and you can wear it longer, usually are more comfortable in compare with sclera lenses. Buy on our pages cheap crazy lenses from quality suppliers. We offer quartelly and yearly crazy lcontacts and coloured contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses are available in a wide range of models, colors and options. In our offer could choice everybody. Customize the color of your eyes favorite clothes. Colored contacts lenses are simply in. Our range of contact lenses is constantly growing, we strive to offer the widest range which is possible.

Most contacts are in stock so we can send them to you at least next working days. All our packages are sending with a tracking number so you can check where the box is. This information you can see on web pages of your local post.