Cloud Blue Colored Contact Lenses (1 pair)

Cloud Blue Colored Contact Lenses (1 pair)

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  • The given price refers to 1 pair of lenses (2 pieces).
  • DIA 14mm
  • BC 8,6mm
  • material: Polyhema
  • 55% water
  • With proper care and occasional use, the lenses can last up to 3/12 months once opened.

Storing and Cleaning Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses must be stored in a suitable contact lens case, which keeps them clean, soft and safe to use. Fill the lens case with a disinfecting solution before placing the lenses inside. Make sure that they do not dry out. Never borrow another person’s contact lenses nor lend them yours. They should be handled with care, as they are very soft and delicate.


Please remember that Colored Lenses may not cover 100% of your iris and that the overall effect depends on your natural eye color.

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

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Lenses look very natural
It was easy to find my contacts and order them online. Delivery was quick and no problems when I wear them.
Best coloured contact lenses for dark eyes
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