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A Guide to Vampire Contact Lenses this Halloween!

A Guide to Vampire Contact Lenses this Halloween!

Petr 15. 09. 2023 Blog

"Vampin' Up Your Peepers: A Guide to Vampire Contact Lenses this Halloween!"

Hello, ghoulish readers!

So, you've decided to take a bite (pun intended) out of this year's Halloween competition by dressing up as a vampire. You've got the sharp fangs, the velvety cloak, and the dramatic flair down pat, but something's missing. Your eyes! They're just too... alive.

Enter: Vampire Contact Lenses.

Now, before you fly down to your nearest optometrist, let's sink our teeth into the world of vampy vision.

1. The 'Just Turned' Look For those of you who are newbies in the vampire world, or perhaps just turned by that hot vamp from the coffee shop (I see you, Count Brewcula), you might want to opt for the subtle "just turned" look. These lenses have a light reddish hue, perfect for the vampire who's still getting the hang of the whole 'avoiding sunlight and garlic' thing.

2. Ancient Bloodsucker Chic Been around the crypt a few times? These deep red, almost black contacts will give you the gaze of an ancient vampire. You've seen it all, from the fall of empires to the rise of skinny jeans. Wear these, and all will know not to mess with a classic.

3. Twilight Fan-pires Let's face it. Some of us just can't get over the glittery vampire phase. If you're still Team Edward after all these years, then the shimmery gold lenses might be for you. Just remember: while they might shimmer in the sunlight, they don't actually come with any protective features. Sunburns are still a thing, folks.

Safety Bites

A few things to chew over before you go all in:

  • Consult an Optometrist: Don't buy contacts from that sketchy site that also sells 'authentic unicorn horns.' Your eyesight is priceless.

  • Clean Them: Just because you're emulating the undead doesn't mean you should ignore hygiene. Clean your contacts regularly.

  • Don't Share: You might share your coffin or your latest blood smoothie recipe, but never share contact lenses. Pink eye is not the accessory you're aiming for.

Closing Thoughts

Halloween is all about fun, creativity, and a dash of spookiness. With vampire contact lenses, you can take your blood-sucking look to the next level. But remember, while you're out there making everyone swoon with your immortal charm, always prioritize safety. After all, the real horror story would be spending the day after Halloween at the eye doctor's office.

Happy Haunting!