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Are colored lenses safe?

Are colored lenses safe?

Petr 18. 02. 2023 Blog

Do you want to buy colored contact lenses and are worried about the safety of your eyes? This is a logical concern, stemming from the fact that we only have one eye and it is perhaps the most important sensory organ for all of us.

Colored contact lenses are lenses that contain a colored layer that allows you to change the color of your eyes. This coloured layer is inside the lens and does not come into contact with the eye. The material used to make lenses, both dioptric and non-dioptric, is hydrogel, which is very well tolerated by the eyes and cannot cause damage to the eyes. Millions of people around the world wear contacts so you don't have to worry about wearing them either.

But of course, it is essential to take proper care of your lenses - you can find more information here.

It is important to buy quality lenses, from trusted retailers. With quality colored lenses you will achieve a natural result - of course, this depends on your choice of lens color and the color of your eyes.

Most people find wearing contact lenses very comfortable. The first time you put them in, you may feel uncomfortable, after all, your eyes are not used to the lenses - but this usually goes away very soon and after a few minutes you forget that you have the lenses in your eyes at all. It's a good idea to learn to blink more often than usual - this naturally moistens the lenses and prevents any discomfort from drying out.

Never use anyone else's lenses. The lenses are made from certified materials and hence there is no danger to you. However, there may be a danger if you handle the lenses with unwashed hands - or if you use someone else's lenses. Every person is different, every eye is different - if you use someone else's lenses, you may get an infection or disease in your eye that didn't bother the original wearer, or some dirt from dirty hands. Hygiene is therefore an important aspect when wearing lenses.

A common question is how old it is to wear lenses. In some countries there is an age limit, but in general, and related to the points made earlier in this article, those who are able to take proper care of coloured lenses can wear them. This may be a different age for everyone.

Colored lenses do not interfere with the eyes and do not distort vision in any way - so they can be worn even when driving a car, for example. Of course, there are also special effect lenses for which this cannot be recommended, as they can distort vision, but this does not happen with coloured lenses. Generally speaking, if you have lenses in your eyes, they feel good and you can see well - then you can wear them even when driving a car or doing other activities where you need to see well.

If you have any questions about wearing colored contact lenses, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you. We have been here for you since 2009.