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Are you afraid to wear contact lenses? Tips to get you started.

Are you afraid to wear contact lenses? Tips to get you started.

Petr 03. 02. 2023 Blog

Thinking about contact lenses and don't know what wearing them entails? Then we have some tips and advice to get you started.

Probably the most important information is that you don't have to worry about anything. Wearing contacts is comfortable, after all, millions of people around the world wear them. Contact lenses are classified differently in different countries, in some places they are directly a medical device, and as such there is always strict supervision and controls attached to their manufacture, the lenses have to meet a lot of regulations and certifications. 

How to know a good quality lens? The first clue is price - if something is very cheap, it cannot meet all the regulations and manufacturing requirements. The second clue may be the country of manufacture - if the lenses are Made in Korea, Malaysia, EU, USA etc., there is little risk of coming across a poor quality brand. And the third clue, perhaps the most important, is - the brand of the lenses, or information about the seller - if someone has been selling lenses for several years, has good independent reviews, then there is little risk of them selling poor quality products.

But now for the tips to start with:

  • wash your hands (not with soap, which can be irritating on contact with your eyes). 
  • use your fingertips when handling the lens, never your fingernails (they are sharp and can damage the lens)
  • never rinse lenses with plain water. Use only contact lens solution.
  • put the lens on the belly of your index finger and check for damage. The lens must be bowl-shaped (edges turned up) - if the edges are turning out, you must turn the lens. For some coloured lenses, this can be detected by the colour of the lens.
  • hold the lower and upper lids with your other hand and insert the lens into the eye. The lens does not need to be placed directly in the centre of the eye, it will centre itself. Close the eye slowly and blink a few times. This will allow the lens to find the optimal position in your eye.
  • If the lens is fitted correctly, there is no discomfort or restriction of vision
  • there may be some discomfort when the lens is first fitted. In this case, remove the lens and allow the eye to rest. Gradually, habituation should occur. Wearing should never be painful or uncomfortable for the eye.
  • do not be afraid that the lens will fall out of your eye at the first blink, or that it will not stick in your eye when you put it on, but instead roll around and stay on your finger. It takes a bit of practice and getting rid of the nervousness. After a few tries you can put them on without looking, it's really easy.
  • taking the lens out of the eye is also not rocket science - either press the lens very gently in the eye and take it out, or put your index finger on the lens and slide it onto the lid where it rolls up - and then put it into the case with the solution.
  • place the lenses in a solution that will always be fresh - the solution cleans, disinfects and moisturizes the lenses. Change the case regularly - about once every 3 months (or every time you run out of solution and buy a new one - virtually every pack includes a case.
  • If you do not wear the lenses for a long time, the solution in which they are stored must also be changed - about once a week
  • try to blink more often - this moisturizes the lenses during wear and keeps them comfortable
  • if you are in a dusty or smoky environment, consider moisturizing drops - they add comfort when wearing. These must be contact lens moisturizing drops.
  • don't sleep in your lenses and don't wear them unless your eyes are 100% healthy

Do you have any questions about wearing contacts? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. We have been selling lenses since 2009 so we already know something about them.