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Cosplay contact lenses

Cosplay contact lenses

Petr 10. 09. 2021 Blog

Your Guide to Buying and Wearing Cosplay Contact Lenses Safely

Nowadays, everyone wishes to wear circle lenses for cosplay nearly every day. In the United States, you have to sell decorative contacts only if you have got proof of prescription. Plus, while buying these contacts, you will have to ensure that you buy them from a renowned lens-making company.

The emphasis is primarily on quality because there are innumerable incidences corroborating the horrors of buying jerry-built contacts from some unknown booth. However, if you have never bought and worn contact lenses for cosplay previously, here is a guide that will help you to do so.

Step 1

Visit an eye doctor

Making an appointment to an eye specialist and visiting the clinic can be tedious, and many avoid doing so. First things first, you will have to get specific lens prescription for your eyes. And that prescription can be made available while working with a doctor. We underscore the importance of a prescription because sometimes it may happen that someone sees well with their left eye but have an impaired vision with their right eye.

For example, while purchasing a pair of contacts you must know about the base curve of a lens that suits your eye. Such technical details will only get cleared once you visit an eye doctor. Even if your eye does not have any problem, we will still emphasize the importance of getting a prescription from a qualified ophthalmologist.

Step 2

Oder the lenses from a trusted source

Once the details of your base curve are known, you will have to make a choice. However, you will not have to hasten the process of selecting a trusted contact lens provider. Rather, you will have to select the best lenses. (One tip: Buy crazy contact lenses from such a provider who has enough experience and expertise to offer quality that is second to none.)

Also, it will be apt if you can check the lens reviews that are available on the Internet. These reviews are mostly authentic and make the best way to gauge a company’s product quality.

Step 3

Take care of cosplay contact lenses

Taking care of contacts is a totally different ball game. When you will receive your contacts, they will be closed in a jar; along with the contacts, you will have to buy a cleaning solution as well. The solution is required to douse the lenses (for some prescribed amount) so that they remain hydrated. The shelf life of this solution is up to a week, so replace the solution accordingly.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to buy the best cosplay lenses and wear them safely.