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Costume contact lenses - Changing your eyes beauty

Costume contact lenses - Changing your eyes beauty

Petr 03. 09. 2021 Blog

By wearing the right contact lenses with your Halloween costume, you would actually stand out from the crowd. A pair of contacts is one of the great eye accessories for your eyes. They are made with finest quality of materials. They are perfect for theme events and creepy night parties.

Creating distinct appearance

You can explore varieties of contact lenses that give you perfectly elegant appearance. Some of the most popular contact lens shapes include those of animals, cats, snakes eye, glowing eyes, vampire contacts and a whole lot more that enhance the beauty of your eyes and also captivate the attention of the onlookers. With these stylish eye accessories, you will be able to create and try different looks which you never had tried before. The style freaks can get eye-catching contact lenses at Sclera-Lenses at highly competitive rates.

Suits your personality

For those who want bizarre and spooky eyes, there are a number of options available for them that suit their personality. They are large-diameter gas permeable contacts that are crafted to vault over the corneal surface and rest of the white area of the eyes. Costume contact lenses let you to change your eye color and shape of the pupil too.

Best for creating dramatic look

These freaky contacts completely cover your natural eye color which is perfect for any Halloween or theme party. They give dramatic and frightening look when you would put them on your eyes and flaunt your style in the friend’s circle. Contacts are soft, delicate, flexible and made with water absorbing material.

Inserting and removing the contacts

  • Keep the lens on the index finger to insert in your eyes.

  • Raise your eyelids wide while pushing back lower lid and tilt your head back to gently place it in your eyes.

  • You may use contact lens tweezers to set it on the cornea of your eyes.

  • Don’t forget to depose from eyes when you are going to take shower and for swimming as such activities infect them.

  • Don’t place them with long and sharp nails as these can hurt your eyes.

How to clean

  • Wash your hands properly and dry it before using them.

  • Clean each side of it for few seconds with recommended contact lens solution.

  • Store a pair of contacts in a clean lens case.

  • Don’t rub your eyes after placing in your eyes as it may cause irritation, redness and eye infection.

  • Consult with ophthalmologist and get contacts as per their recommendations.