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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Soft and Colored Contacts

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Soft and Colored Contacts

Petr 13. 09. 2021 Blog

Contacts, now, have come really a long way in offering a couple of exciting options to wearers. With the advancements in eye-care technologies, people can choose from a variety of contacts ranging from simple ones to unconventional ones.

For instance, crazy contact lenses come in different hues such as yellow, pink, white, and red. Likewise, simple contacts come in more normal shades such as blue, green, brown, and black. Now, if we talk of something else than hues, you can have contacts that are disposable; that is, you can easily toss once the lenses get expired (generally, after wearing for a few times).

Now, let’s read up on the two different categories that contacts fall into.

Soft contact lens

These lenses are manufactured using a thin layer of plastic that’s combined with water. (Contact manufacturers use water because it lets oxygen to pass easily to cornea via the worn contact.) And if oxygen is consistently passed, the wearer’s eye would remain comfortable and healthy, too. If, however, the cornea is deprived of oxygen, its capacity to produce clear vision will weaken; that, eventually, will lead to a blurred vision.


They’re disposable—wearers can easily cast them off once they’re expired; or once wearers have worn them up till the permissible time period. Because they’re disposable, the wearer needn’t clean them every now and then.

They aren’t infectious—a pair of soft contacts are fresh and don’t have any infectious elements. Now, since they aren’t infectious, a wearer can wear them anytime (without thinking of infection or having some safety issues).

Some of them offer UV protection, too—many of lens manufacturers make UV-protected lenses; now, that’s again a bonus.

Colored contact lens

They’re stylish, fun, and, sometimes, spooky, too; because of their distinct appeal, colored lenses are cherished by many. We’ll straight away jump on its advantages.


They’re gas-permeable lenses—with these contacts, you can have a clearer vision when compared with the one that’s produced by a pair of soft contacts. And the clear vision is because these lenses are gas permeable.

They’re stylish—now, that’s one big advantage of colored lenses. Many people—especially in Halloween—get a pair of spooky-colored lenses. Some colors—such as sky blue or steel gray—are preferred by many to be worn every day. And as the tint of these lenses is of an uncommon shade, you can probably have no problems finding it (in case you’ve misplaced them somehow).

So, now, you’re equipped with the basic difference between soft and colored contacts; and that’s why we expect you to take a better lens-buying decision for yourself or for someone else.