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Everything you want to know about colored contact lenses - 2nd part

Everything you want to know about colored contact lenses - 2nd part

Petr 24. 09. 2021 Blog

Everything you want to know about colored contact lenses - 2 part

In the next part of the series of colored contact lenses can introduce or coating color cosmetic lenses. We will focus on the most wanted models cover lenses - and introduce a hint of how to cover them , they look the most natural , etc.

The description is only for ease of reference in colored lenses , certainly not to say that coveted eye colors can only get more test models for expert and that the same color can u more carriers look different .

Cover colored contact lenses

These colored contact lenses colored eye lenses overlap and naturally dark eyes, for example, and even dark brown. But they are divided into several groups. A selection of these would then be governed by the depth of the natural eye color  but mainly by the appropriate material and curvature, you can try a professional.

Cover colored lenses are designed more for the owner darker eyes or even for světlooké radical change color.

This type of colored lenses is more choice, because most wearers crave lighter eyes or a complete color change.

Intense color

The appearance of dark eyes can not be changed except full overlay. Covering colored contact lenses of this type have in their material embedded large amount of color, which then makes the opaque lens - the result goes to the eye for inserting the lens to observe a color lenses.

Due to the high number of colors and thus reduced oxygen permeability cover is recommended not to wear contact lenses as a substitute for conventional clear lenses