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Halloween Contact Lenses – Care Tips for Safe Use

Halloween Contact Lenses – Care Tips for Safe Use

Petr 23. 08. 2021 Blog

With the Halloween just less than a week away, it’s the right time to start thinking about magnifying your costumes with Halloween contact lenses. You have green dragon eye contact lenses, blue cat contact lenses, purple dragon eye contact lenses, and many more options to scare the people with your dreaded eye looks. But are these contact lenses safe as well?  

Colored Halloween contact lenses are great for adding to your outfit, but it’s worth remembering that they are still considered to be medical devices and should be used with expert advice or prescription. Below care tips will make them perfectly safe to use and allow you to enjoy the look of your weird style.

Consult an Optician

Contact lenses must fit properly, so approach an optician to accurately fit them on your eyes and obtain prescription as well. Even if you are currently using contact lenses or glasses, you still need a prescription. This way you can make sure that your eyes are safe and comfortable to wear Halloween contact lenses.

Don’t Go to Flea Market

Don’t purchase contact lenses from a flea market without prescription. Always buy approved contact lenses as your eyes are the vital part of your body. Buy Halloween contact lenses from a place where you can be confident that they are safe to wear.

Never Share or Swap

There is no such thing as “One size fits all”, have fun with your Halloween contact lenses but never swap or share them with anybody else. Once worn, contact lenses carry bacteria from your eyes. When another person wears the same contact lenses, they can get serious eye infection that could lead to redness of the eyes and even blindness in rare cases.

Remove Your Lenses While Sleeping

Before you go to sleep, always remove your Halloween contact lenses unless they are specifically designed to wear while sleeping. Contacts can prevent any moisture from reaching your eyes overnight. If you are wearing monthly disposable contact lenses, it is always advisable to dip them in a solution overnight after taking them out from the eyes.

Follow Proper Hygiene

Before putting on your Halloween contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly. We use our fingers and hands for everything, so you should not touch your eyes with dirty hands because they carry a lot of bacteria and germs. In order to avoid bacterial infection from Halloween contact lenses, put on your contacts before applying makeup and take them out before removing it..

Don’t Use After the Expiry Date

Most colored contact lenses have an expiry date and can be used multiple times before being discarded. Make sure to keep them clean and store in a proper multipurpose solution. Never reuse the same solution to wash your colored contacts because it can cause harm to your eyes.

Following these care tips, you can flaunt your Halloween contact lenses in parties without worrying about infection and other issues.