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How to choose colored contact lenses to accentuate your appearance?

How to choose colored contact lenses to accentuate your appearance?

Petr 27. 08. 2021 Blog

Gone are the days when contact lenses are only used for vision correction. Nowadays, colored contact lenses have become the famous fashion accessory which is extensively used by the people (especially by the young generation) to enhance their look. These lenses are capable in offering you sleek and stylish appearance within a few seconds. By using colored contact lenses you can experience the quickest makeover in your dazzling personality. However, to get a successful makeover you need to choose right set of lenses that work well with your skin tone and face structure.

Before selecting the colored contact lenses, first, you need to analyze your skin complexion, face structure and occasion or purpose for which you want to buy these lenses. All these things play a significant role to offer you perfect look in your colored eyes.

Skin tone/complexion

ZáložkaIt is a most important factor that you must consider while choosing colored contact lenses. If you are having dark or dusky complexion then warm colors such as honey or hazel are the perfect option to compliment your appearance. If you want to get a little different look then grey and aqua blue colored contact lenses are also good choices for you. On the other hand, bright shades like green or navy blue are good for those having whitish or tanned skin tone. They can also try out honey or hazel colored contact lenses. For fair skin tone, bright shades as well different grey shades works well in praising their personality. Turquoise and amethyst lenses are also suitable for fair skin tone.

Types of lenses tones

The colored contact lenses come in different shades like one-tone, two-tone and three-tone. The one tone lens has one single color, two-tone comprise of two shades and three tone blends three shades in one single lens. The three tone lenses are the best option for providing natural depth and most vibrant look to your eyes. These are very expensive therefore the first time users mostly use one-tone or two-tone colored contact lenses.

Lenses size

Once you have to decide the lens color next you have to select the proper size of lens as per your eyes. It is highly recommended to use premium quality lenses which are comfortable to wear and offer protection against UV rays of the sun. Apart from it, you have to decide whether you want to wear hard lenses or soft lenses. Hard lenses are cost effective and work for long period of time around one year whereas soft lenses come for daily disposables, monthly disposables, bi-weekly disposables and quarterly disposables.

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