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Make your eyes stand out with blue colored contacts

Make your eyes stand out with blue colored contacts

Petr 30. 08. 2021 Blog

Colored contacts allow you to transform your eye color and create a dramatic and bold appearance. Colored contacts are designed to mimic the natural appearance of the colored part of the eye. Costume contacts are worn for special occasions which provide an interesting option to accessories like jewelry which help to enhance the style of your attires making you look better and stylish. According to your eye color, opt for desired colored contacts like blue that complement the natural beauty of your eyes.

Make the eyes elegant

Bright and beautiful blue colored contact lenses allow you to change your eye color in an elegant style. Blue colored contacts are very flattering as they brighten the eye area and light up your whole complexion. Buy stunning blue colored contact lenses at sclera-lenses.com at highly discounted rates.

Flaunt your style at Halloween parties

Enjoy wearing a pair of blue colored contact lenses with gothic clothing at Halloween or costume parties and get complements from your friends. A pair of contacts is made with Methafilcon A and including 55% water content that helps to keep them hydrates and soft.

Safety tips for contact lenses

  • Rinse hands properly and dry them with soft and lint-free cloth or towel before you place on the palm

  • Never use products that contain lanolin and moisturizing lotions etc.

  • Don’t wash contact lens with tap water as it contains dirt and contaminants that infect the lens and cause eye infection

  • Never use expired contact lens solution to clean a lens

  • Replace contact lens case every 3 months

  • Never wear contacts for more than 8 hours a day

  • Immediately remove lens if you feel irritation and redness in your eyes

  • Keep the lens way from oil and tiny particles

  • Never wear your friend’s contacts as it can infect your eyes

  • Remove contacts before you go for swimming

  • Carry contacts case with you at all times

Use contact lens tweezers

Never wear a pair of colored contact lenses with long or sharp nails as they harm your eyes. The lens tweezers come with soft-tip that gently handles a lens without any rips. If you are new to contacts, you may use contact lens tweezers to place colored contacts on your eyes. There are numerous benefits of using contact lens tweezers; few are given in below text.

  • Very gentle on contacts

  • Prevent a pair of contacts rips and damage

  • Easy to clean

  • Reduce germ transfer

  • Make a lens cleaner

  • Best for people with long fingernails