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Stand Out By Wearing Cosplay Contact Lenses

Stand Out By Wearing Cosplay Contact Lenses

Petr 28. 09. 2021 Blog

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is basically a costume play or role play in which people are dressed up in the costumes depicting their favorite anime or video game character. Cosplay events can be seen mostly in action during the video game, comic and anime conventions. In this, people who take part actually replicate the character and play the character themselves. It is generally different from Halloween or other costume parties as people not just simply dress up but actually live the character.

There is a great level of detail that goes into the cosplay character look in terms of costume and contact lenses. A complete integrated kit is required for a cosplay event that includes custom made costumes, costume jewelry and weapons and the cosplay contact lenses. Cosplayers also often finish the look by using a wig, adding extensions to their hair, using hair dye and make-up and tattoos. Contact lenses are also majorly used to recreate anime or video game character’s eye color.

What are cosplay contact lenses?

Cosplay contact lenses are the ones that have some unusual designs and are used for matching the costume when you play some special character in cosplay acts. These beauty accessories are highly popular and earlier cosplay enthusiasts could only match their outfits and hair colors with their favorite character but now even they can imitate the eye color and design of their favorite character.

If you want something completely unique, you can also get them customized according to the special effect you want. Though, these would cost more and take a little time to be made, but a skillful artist can paint anything you like on your pair of contact lenses.

How to take care of the cosplay contact lenses?

Even though cosplay contacts may be non-corrective but it is important to choose a pair that fits you perfectly. Not doing so can lead to vision distractions or the required effect may not be achieved. Taking care of your pair of cosplay contact lenses is not all that difficult and is similar to the regular ones. Clean them using a contact lens solution and any multipurpose solution would serve the purpose.  When not in use, keep your lenses in a contact lens case and replace the case every six months. Once you take your contacts out, rinse them in disinfecting lens solution and then store in the case in your fridge.

Where to buy your pair of cosplay contact lenses from?

There are various online stores that sell cosplay contact lenses. You can consider buying from a reputed online retailer like sclera-lenses. They offer all types of contact lenses and only provide lenses from authorized manufacturers.

These lenses are extremely popular and are particularly used in Halloween and theme parties. The lenses they offer are cheaper, more comfortable and bear a CE marking and are ISO certified. Contact lenses are available in a wide range of models, colors and options on a quarterly and yearly basis. Their selection is created to suit everyone’s taste. Match the color of your eyes with your favorite clothes as the range of lenses they offer is constantly growing as they strive to provide you with the widest range possible to choose from.