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Step up your costume game with Halloween contact lenses

Step up your costume game with Halloween contact lenses

Petr 01. 09. 2021 Blog

Have you decided your look for this Halloween? Why don’t you try something exciting and unique? Halloween contacts are the best way to step up your costume game. Most of these lenses are inspired from various movie characters as all of them are not only popular for their acting skills but also for their scary and distinctive look.

Popular Halloween contact lenses

There are a wide array of lenses available under this category, white and yellow special-effect scleral contact lenses from popular TV show True Blood that include vivid green "Mad Hatter" colored contacts from the movie Alice in Wonderland, yellow "alien" contacts from movie Avatar, yellow cat-eyes seen in movie Harry Potter, different vampire inspired lenses from movie Twilight, New Moon and Breaking Dawn and other widely known special characters.

How these non prescription lenses are best for Halloween?

Halloween contact lenses are perfect for adding the oomph factor to your costume. Whether you are in a disguise of zombie, vampire or other characters, to name a few webs, cat and werewolf, these lenses will surely offer you the perfect look. These non-prescriptive lenses are not there to correct your vision and instantly change the color of your eyes from its natural one to a dramatic one. Most of the costume contact lenses cover the colored portion (iris) of your eye, but when it comes to Halloween contact lenses (special effect ones), they come in both types, one that only covers the iris and the other one that covers both the iris and the white part (sclera) of your eyes.

With the availability of an exclusive collection of Halloween contact lenses you can easily add perfect finishing touch to your costume as well as to your overall disguise. Trends in these type of lenses change according to the popularity of different TV shows and latest movies. Some of these lenses come with an opaque tint to it. This non-transparent tint completely covers the natural eye color with different colors and designs of your choice.

Safe storage and proper cleaning is mandatory

Proper cleaning and safe storage is the best way to keep your Halloween contacts in good condition. Don’t ever share your lenses with anyone (not even with your siblings); it can lead you to some severe eye disease or any other serious eye problem. Always go with the instruction that come along with contacts. Pick your desired lenses and be the main attraction of your Halloween party.