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Tips to follow while choosing the contact lenses air optix for your eyes

Tips to follow while choosing the contact lenses air optix for your eyes

Petr 19. 08. 2021 Blog

A Halloween costume can be made perfect and amazing with a pair of colored contact lenses. Choosing the right contacts are important for completing the appearance. Well, you have a lot of choices for selection in the contact lenses. There are some people who opt for the contact lenses air optix and in these; they find various options in colors. Just as you purchase any other contact lens for your eyes and provide care to them, these colored contact lenses also need similar attention and care. Are you wondering that how can you choose the right color? You can make your color selection easy with the help of following tips that are provided below:

According to the skin tone

  • If you have fair skin tone and wants to wear colored lenses, then blue and grey shades are the best options for you. These shades will complement your face skin tone. Usually, bright colors are suggested to those people who have a fair complexion. Other than this, you can choose turquoise, amethyst, and aqua.

  • If you have a dark complexion, you should go with warm colours and in this; you will find a vast array of options. For a glamorous look, the amethyst shade is a perfect choice as this will give you a magnificent look. You can also add drama to your personality with smoky shade. Apart from these, you can also use shades such as autumn-color, honey and so on.

  • For tanned complexion beauties, subtle shades are the best options and these include honey, grey, navy blue, hazel and green. It is suggested that do not pick the bright shades.

According to the hair color

  • Green, hazel, honey and brown shades of contact lenses are best for the blonde or golden brown hair color.

  • If your hair color is unique, i.e. blue-black or salt and pepper, then you should opt for the violet or ice blue lenses. Cool shades are an excellent choice for the strawberry blonde hair and those people who have platinum blonde hair should opt for emerald green and powder blue contact lenses.

  • Nowadays, you will find colored contact lenses in 2-tone and 3-tone. Due to this reason, you must always consult with your eye doctor before choosing any specific shade for your eyes.

After making a selection of the shades of contact lenses air optix, you need to narrow down your choice up to two and choose the one that appropriately matches your skin tone. Now, compare between these two and check that which one is enhancing your appearance more and giving you that funky look for the Halloween party. It is advisable that always buy these colored contact lenses from a reputed and trustworthy company. It is the best way to ensure that you are getting CE and ISO certified lenses.