Cloud R Brown Prescription Colored Lenses (1 pair)

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  • Contents of the package 2 lenses

Storing and Cleaning Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses must be stored in a suitable contact lens case, which keeps them clean, soft and safe to use. Fill the lens case with a disinfecting solution before placing the lenses inside. Make sure that they do not dry out. Never borrow another person’s contact lenses nor lend them yours. They should be handled with care, as they are very soft and delicate.

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Color Brown
Certificates CE (0068), GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, KFDA
Life Span 3 months
BC 8.6
DIA 14.0
Material Silicone hydrogel
Water Content 40%

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    100% 14. 02. 2021
    Brilliant colours and they are the best coloured prescribed contact lenses I've ever bought. Love the colours and very comfortable

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