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Types of lenses and how they differ

Sclera Lenses

What are Sclera Lenses?
Sclera lenses are large contact lenses that cover both the iris and the white part (sclera) of your eye. They are typically used for dramatic effects in movies, cosplay, and Halloween costumes.

Are Sclera Lenses Safe?
Yes, sclera lenses are safe when used properly. Always follow the instructions for insertion, removal, and cleaning. It's also crucial to purchase from a reputable source and consult an eye care professional if you have any concerns.

How Do I Insert Sclera Lenses?
Sclera lenses require a bit more practice to insert due to their size. Make sure your hands are clean, and use a mirror to carefully place the lens on your eye.

Mini Sclera Lenses

What are Mini Sclera Lenses?
Mini sclera lenses are slightly smaller than full sclera lenses, covering the iris and a portion of the sclera. They provide a striking effect without covering the entire white of the eye.

Why Choose Mini Sclera Lenses?
Mini sclera lenses are a good choice for those looking for a dramatic effect that's easier to handle and more comfortable to wear compared to full sclera lenses.

How Long Can I Wear Mini Sclera Lenses?
It's recommended to wear mini sclera lenses for no more than 8 hours. Always follow the care instructions provided to maintain eye health.

Halloween Lenses

What are Halloween Lenses?
Halloween lenses are decorative contact lenses designed to enhance your Halloween costume. They come in various designs, from spooky patterns to vibrant colors, to complete your look.

Are Halloween Lenses Safe to Wear?
When purchased from a reputable source and used according to the instructions, Halloween lenses are safe. Always consult with an eye care professional before using decorative lenses.

Can I See Clearly with Halloween Lenses?
Most Halloween lenses are designed to allow clear vision. However, some designs might slightly obscure your vision, so it's important to choose lenses that fit your needs.

Colored Lenses

What are Colored Lenses?
Colored lenses are contact lenses that change the color of your eyes. They can be used for cosmetic purposes or to enhance your natural eye color.

Do Colored Lenses Affect Vision?
Colored lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. They should not affect your vision if chosen correctly. Always consult an eye care professional for the best fit and prescription.

How Do I Care for Colored Lenses?
Colored lenses require the same care as regular contact lenses. Clean them with the recommended solution, store them properly, and never share your lenses with others.

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