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Black contacts full eye for a killing look

Black contacts full eye for a killing look

Petr 24. 08. 2021 Blog

Scleral lenses are designed for vaulting over the entire corneal surface and rest on the” white” of the eye (sclera). It replaces the irregular cornea with a perfectly smooth optical surface, for correcting vision problems caused by corneal irregularities.

Latest technological advancement in contact lens industry has allowed scleral contact lenses manufacturers to design lenses that can precisely correct more eye conditions than ever before. For example, bifocal scleral contacts are designed by the manufacturers for the correction of presbyopia.

These are custom-made for each wearer. So, scleral lenses can cost more than standard contacts. In some cases, it can even cost three or four times more than standard contacts. This blog discusses scleral special-effect contact lenses and uses of scleral contact lenses for the treatment of Keratoconus and other eye regularities. 

Special-effect scleral contact lenses

These special effect contact lenses are used for cosmetic purposes only and not for vision correction. Some of the popular types of sclera special-effect contact lenses are theatrical contact lenses, Halloween contacts, gothic lenses, and black contact full eye contact lenses.

These contact lenses are used for altering the appearance of the wearer’s eyes.  The lenses are soft and bear resemblance to Gas Permeable (GM) contact lenses.

Scleral contact lenses for Keratoconus

The scleral contact lenses can be used for the management of Keratoconus as these are more apt for a patient with corneal irregularities. It rests on the surface of sclera, which is less sensitive compared to corneal surface. Traditional lenses can move excessively during blinking, which can cause discomfort to the patient. Compared with traditional corneal gas permeable lenses, the scleral lenses are designed for fitting with no or little lens movement during blinks.

Scleral contacts for other eye problems

Scleral lenses can be prescribed for eye that has undergone a cornea transplant, in addition to Keratoconus. Also, it can be used for people with severe dry eyes that are caused due to Stevens - Johnson syndrome, graft-versus-host diseases and Sjogren’s syndrome.


These lenses are used for eye regularities caused due to an irregular cornea problem. Even complex eye irregularities can be managed using right type of scleral contact lenses. The size of lens used often is determined by the degree of complexity of the conditions.

Milder eye irregularities are easily managed with scleral lenses at the smaller end of the spectrum. Whereas, complex eye conditions might require a large tear reservoir that are fitted with larger scleral lenses.

These lenses have more capacity to bridge large changes in corneal curvature. Eye care specialist determines the best scleral lens size and type for the specific eye regularities during the contact lens examination.